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Instrumental Courses:

* Guitar (Acoustic, Classical and Electrical) with knowledge of Guitar Tabs and Staff Notations.
* Keyboard.
* Congo.
  • Learn theory of music and practical practicing.
  • We conduct special seminars for additional assistance of students so that the ‚Ä®students will learn from highly qualified faculties of Trinity Guildhall London.
  • We Engage students in perfection of basic scaling techniques along with the dynamics.
  • If student is not comfortable with his/her session we will engage those students in our special class session of 2 hours.
  • Queries are welcome from students at anytime whether the query is relevant to music classes or music production/ audio production classes.
  • Home Classes Available (Twice in a week).

Music Production Courses:

  • Complete Digital Audio Production and Recording Course.
  • DAW for Courses: FL Studio, Abelton Live, Logic Pro, Audacity.
  • Fast Track Courses: 4 Month Duration, Classes twice a week.
  • Additional Assistance for Students: Provides Software, packs and leads.
  • We Engage highly professional artist if live instrumentation in particular song has been demanded by the client (extra charges applicable).
  • Hourly basis recording also available.
  • We emphasize on quality work for our customers.
  • Additional discount schemes are also available for our regular clients.

Genres in which we deal:

  • Rock and pop, classical, classical rock, Punjabi, alternative rock, metal, heavy metal, Rap, fusion, folk etc.
  • Others- Karaoke recordings, covers, singles, albums etc.